Emily Dickinson
God made a little gentian
It tried to be a rose
And failed and all the summer laughed
But just before the snows
There rose a purple creature
That ravished all the hill
And summer hid her forehead
And mockery was still
The frosts were her condition
The Tyrian would not come
Until the north invoke it
Creator, shall I bloom?

A Little Gentian is created by Penny Harrison, a freelance journalist, photographer, gardener and soon-to-be-published children's author. It's not a how-to site or a horticultural guide, and most of the gardens you'll see here have not been professionally designed and landscaped. A Little Gentian is about the wild at heart - the creatives who find inspiration and relaxation in tending their own patch - and the designs, artworks, books and ideas they have conjured. It's about the unruly and unpredictable nature of gardens and the joy they bring. Some days, they can be exhilarating and, others, when the weeds creep in and everything needs a good prune, they can be overwhelming. But, they're always wild and wondrous. So, dig in, and prepare to get your hands a little dirty!